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let me tell you… (phonemetransmit)

Disquiet #0057 had us working with voice samples from three languages. Pick four words from each, and do something with the twelve.

The full set is posted here.

In other news: Laurie Anderson interviews Brian Eno in this article. And some Boston organization I’ve never heard of before is asking for funding to have another concert season.

I also found this beast in my attic closet: realistic_mixer
Someone moved and gave us some old stuff several years ago, I had just put it somewhere out of the way and forgotten about it. Price tag of $69.95 still on the box, probably from the late 1980s. It’s basically a standard two-turntables-and-a-microphone mixer, without the crossfader. Or EQ.

I’m wondering if the phono preamps in it are any good…

the boatman’s dream (at year’s end).

My second attempt at a Disquiet Junto project. I had to sit out last week’s junto as that called for a ‘musical diary’ using work from throughout the year, and I’ve only been doing this again since June. Embarrassing, that. Fortunately, there’s no pressure, so I’ll just do it as I can. So, for this week:

Project parameters are here. We were asked to take samples from three specific songs published under the Bump Foot netlabel (link saved for later reference). I won’t go into process details here, it’s all over at the SoundCloud site. It was good to jump into Ableton again. I hadn’t really touched it since 2007 (I’m still using v5.2).

In other news, I’ve been playing around with Pure Data in the background for a few weeks now. I’ve looked into the Max/AudioMulch/Pd way of doing things for over a year, and decided to just go with the free option for now. I’m currently struggling with how to best draw mathematical expressions in Pd, it’s not (yet) intuitive to me how Pd does it. There’s an ‘expression’ object, but its use is discouraged for most cases for reasons I don’t yet understand. So you end up drawing ‘math tree networks’ with individual operators to get the result you want.

But it’s been fun to play with oscillators and such again. Meanwhile, through a comedy of Christmas errors, we ended up with an ‘extra’ USB drawing tablet in the house. Before sending it back, I decided to hook it up to my machine, and quickly found that it was perfect for use with Pd. So I’m keeping it.

New year in a little under 10 hours. Good luck to us all.