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let me tell you… (phonemetransmit)

Disquiet #0057 had us working with voice samples from three languages. Pick four words from each, and do something with the twelve.

The full set is posted here.

In other news: Laurie Anderson interviews Brian Eno in this article. And some Boston organization I’ve never heard of before is asking for funding to have another concert season.

I also found this beast in my attic closet: realistic_mixer
Someone moved and gave us some old stuff several years ago, I had just put it somewhere out of the way and forgotten about it. Price tag of $69.95 still on the box, probably from the late 1980s. It’s basically a standard two-turntables-and-a-microphone mixer, without the crossfader. Or EQ.

I’m wondering if the phono preamps in it are any good…

The Flowers. Where they at?

From this article in The Quietus:

Modern pop music began as the ultimate expression of democratic populism in the post-war years, but it is now some way into its decadent, baronial phase. When things have become so damnably hierarchical, it’s no wonder there hasn’t been a society-wide countercultural upsurge in years.

We haven’t been getting much news over here about just how badly the UK has fared under Cameron &co. Our media experience here in the US is much too well-managed to allow for anything so untidy.

But I do wonder where the protest music is, either here or there. IMO part of why the Occupy movement failed is that it had no discernible soundtrack of its own. Or even a sound.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that we’re quite due.


Stumbled upon a cool (if oldish, 2008) article on the now-defunct BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Which (in hindsight) turned out to be the Bletchley Park of electronica.

Influential, groundbreaking bleeps and bloops, at taxpayer expense. Thank you, taxpayer. We are forever grateful to you.

I do miss having knobs and pedals to play with.

Got another cartridge/stylus, the Shure M44-7, on sale. This will replace the original Stanton I think, it seems good with ‘crackly’ albums. It has a reputation as a bass-heavy DJ-oriented cartridge, but my particular turntable hasn’t got much response below 30Hz so excessive bass hasn’t been an issue. As for the Stanton, apparently I can replace its stylus with one designed for 78rpm records. I’ll probably just convert it and use it for that (rather than buying a dedicated cartridge). Cheaper.

Also changed the theme here, once again. I’ll get it right, eventually.