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Tomorrow Came (2013 : The Year in Review)

Well, not really. But Disquiet Junto Project #0104 had us go through our past year’s work, and splice five seconds per month into a one minute year-in-review piece:

Details (and links to the source tracks) are at the SoundCloud Link.

In other news, last week’s Disquiet had us make a secular holiday track, using material from the previous week’s project:

I’ve also uploaded the third in the ‘The Chaldean Social Club” series (which I will explain at some point, I promise):

the beth-el construction company

Uploaded the second drone of the series of tracks I’ve been working on:

Like the previous track, this one was done in Ableton Live (still trying to wrap my brain around Suite 9).

Some of the core sounds were made in AudioMulch (the ‘collision’ sounds in the background are actually a guitar run through AM, with the original guitar signal completely removed).

Two more drones (and one pulse-y/beat piece) to go…

Released under a Creative Commons license [BY-NC-SA].

new uploads: industry, comes pale horse.

Uploaded two more drafts to the soundcloud site, minor remixes from the 2002 material: industry and comes pale horse.

This one is built on some AM radio samples. Mostly random news/talk radio late one night in the Christmas season, whatever sounds I happened to slew by as I moved the radio dial back and forth essentially at random. Distorted beyond recognition by the time it gets here. Live guitar as the bass thrum. Guitar synth used to simultaneously make the ‘shadow/shimmer’ you can hear on the top.

Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be ludicrous to call this a guitar piece, though I’ve never thought of it as such.

The next piece is longer:

This piece drove me mad all throughout the summer of 2002. Or vice versa. The core was improvised one night using Ableton Live. I then spent months putting layer upon layer over it. Most of the samples are from the guitar synth rig I had back then, sounds I had sampled during practice sessions and had lying around. The iBook I had then didn’t have much horsepower, so I had to use the old four-track trick of bouncing multiple tracks into one new track and starting over, rinse, lather, repeat. (At one point you have about 60 different sounds and tones, all hovering in the general vicinity of B-flat). Before uploading this, I did some minor remixing, and added the barely-audible voices down in the deeps that I had always imagined for this one.

Neither of these are mastered, or even finished. Just work-in-progress mixes, uploaded because I promised myself that I would.