update (release notes, basically)

Haven’t had much time to write on here. I had to skip last week’s Junto, but managed this week’s (even with Arisia over the weekend).

This week’s exercise (disquiet0055-twoscrews) had us rework two pieces (Do and Re) from Nils Frahm’s Screws:

Done with Ableton Live (yes, still stuck back in 5.2.2) and Audacity. Project details over at disquiet, or via the above SoundCloud widget. No need to repeat them here.

In other news, decided that I want (need?) to take a break from working with the old 2002 material, and decided to just hurry up and finish the almost-done EP-thing from 2007 (enoch is the title, I’ve decided). The first track is called, appropriately enough, enoch:

The stem of this piece was made in Ableton Live in early 2007. Some of the sounds date back to 2003. Remixed, remastered a little with my current setup. This is actually the last serious drone piece I did… because every other drone piece I’ve tried to make since has sounded just like it. (I’ve started to refer to this as my Drone Wall, because I need to break beyond it eventually).

The second piece, march, is from the same session but completely different:

At least one of the sounds in this (the core guitar sample, my own) dates back to the late 1980s (though it doesn’t sound much like itself here). It’s probably a Peavey.

I still have the Live Sets for these two pieces, intact. I could even play them again (roughly), if I ever had to. There are two more for this collection/EP, and that batch will be done.

Medium-term, my goal is still to get the 2002 and 2007 stuff finalized and posted to SoundCloud and bandcamp (as ‘name your own price’ albums). With the already-posted outside, that will place anything made post-2000 online.

As it should have been, all along.

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