always on a friday…

…another shooting. This one at a school in Connecticut. Twenty young kids, dead. Even the President, himself with kids in school, tears up a little as he talks about it.

I have nothing to add or say that hasn’t been added or said. I just want to remember that (at this time, anyway) the Consensus feels a little different. Maybe because it was kids in school, or because the chief target was one of the teachers, shot by her own son in her own classroom with her own gun. Or because after four or five of these in a year, people have just kind of had it with the NRA and their apologists. Nobody seriously expects a sudden move towards gun control. But I sense that we’re allowed to use those words out loud, again.

For my part, this is just another example of how our collective, cultural inability to think, talk and act like adults has been hurting us since at least Reagan.

IMO, we could at least try regulating firearms at least as attentively as we regulate automobiles, alcohol and OTC decongestants, and see what happens.

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